National Canadian Film Day 2017

National Canadian Film Day 2017

Celebrate #CanFilmDay with a playlist of animated and doc films, all proudly made in the Great White North.

  • Canadian Famous
    2013|7 min

    Take a road trip with iconic Canadian actor Eric Peterson as he sets out to thank each and every Canadian for supporting Canadian artists.

  • Fyoog
    2016|1 min

    This short animation is a story about a dream about a train, inspired by found sound of a Toronto subway car.

  • Mabel
    2016|20 min

    Meet Mabel Robinson, a 89-year-old hairdressing pioneer who's still styling up a storm in Hubbards, Nova Scotia.

  • Mobilize
    2015|3 min

    Take an exhilarating 3-minute journey from the far North to the urban South with this short film that showcases ingenious solutions to mobility issues faced by Canada's Indigenous peoples.

  • The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer
    2014|9 min

    This short animation presents the haunting story of two brothers who share the scars, though not the memories, of an untold history that has driven them to existential extremes.

  • this river

    This short doc offers an Indigenous perspective on the devastating experience of searching for a loved one who has disappeared.

  • Pumpers
    2016|1 min

    This short animation takes a good hard look at the bizarre behaviour of people working out in a gym.

  • Red Path
    2015|15 min

    Watch and listen as a young Aboriginal man delivers a touching testimony on the journey that brought him closer to his Atikamekw roots and community.

  • The Roommate

    Fed up with her roommate’s incessant shopping and hoarding, a girl takes matters into her own hands.

  • Island Green
    2013|25 min

    This short doc takes a look at the changing face of PEI's agricultural industry.

  • Bad Coyote
    2013|51 min

    Watch this feature doc about a deadly coyote attack in the Cape Breton wilderness. Terrified locals conclude a new super-species—part coyote, part wolf—is on the prowl. But are the rumours true?

  • Danny

    Meet Danny Williams, the charismatic and unflinching former Premier of Newfoundland who fought to defend his province's interest against prime ministers and Big Oil alike.

  • The Grasslands Project - Population 21
    2016|9 min

    Although Wood Mountain's lost all four of its grain elevators and its school's been shuttered for a decade, a handful of kind souls still call the village home.