Tokyo Girls

Tokyo Girls

| 57 min

This feature documentary is a candid journey into the world of 4 young Canadian women who work as well-paid hostesses in exclusive Japanese nightclubs. Lured by adventure and easy money, these modern-day geisha find themselves caught up in the mizu shobai—the complex "floating water world" of Tokyo clubs and bars. Drawn by fast money, some women become consumed by the lavish lifestyle and forget why they came; one hostess calls this "losing the plot." With a pulsating visual style, Tokyo Girls captures the raw energy of urban Japan and its fascination with the new.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • director
    Penelope Buitenhuis
  • script
    Penelope Buitenhuis
  • producer
    Gillian Darling Kovanic
  • editor
    Bonni Devlin
  • director of photography
    David Frazee
  • composer
    Doug Blackley
    Dennis Burke
  • location sound
    Leigh Hunt Wilks
    Keith Henderson
  • participant
    Anne Allison
    Hidemi Arasaki
    Terra Maria
    Mia Sara
    Ichikyo San
    Ryosuke Ikeda
    Tomoko Kawabata
    Peter MacIntosh
    Wakita San
    Mameyu San
    Memeharu San
  • actor
    Fred Menemoto
    Jay Lyn Green
    Akinori Nagai
    Maritama Carlson
    Patrick Pon
    Christine Taylor
    Toshikazu Sugamori
  • executive producer
    Graydon McCrea