Temiscaming, Québec

Temiscaming, Québec

| 1 h 4 min

Temiscaming, Québec is the story of a town's struggle to survive after its main source of employment, the CIP mill, closed down. Part I tells what steps the workers, townspeople and ex-CIP managers took to reopen a mill co-owned and co-managed by the workers; Part II explains the new corporate ownership of the mill, how it works, and its growing pains. This is a film about ownership of the Canadian economy, industrial democracy.

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  • director
    Martin Duckworth
  • producer
    Dorothy Todd Henaut
    Len Chatwin
  • camera
    Martin Duckworth
    Serge Giguère
  • sound
    Benoît Fauteux
    Hughes Mignault
  • editing
    Martin Duckworth
    Michael Rubbo
    Gérard Sénécal
    Virginia Stikeman
  • re-recording
    Richard Besse
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • narrator
    Michel Garneau
  • music
    Bob Robb

  • gypsylou77

    Finally it's been added here. I've inquired about this film here before, it's nice to see it finally here. I was born and raised in this small town. I currently work there as a Welder,my father worked there from the beginning of Tembec as a Millwright,his father worked there for CIP up until it was shutdown by CIP. It is now owned by a company from the USA called Rayonier Advance Materials

    gypsylou77, 9 Jan 2022