Tales of the City

Tales of the City

                                Tales of the City
| 24 min

Britain’s now in its fifth year since the start of the financial crisis; a crisis caused by a risky and out of control banking sector that went into meltdown. To save the system the banks were bailed out with huge amounts of the public’s money, yet rather than getting the banks to recoup these costs the British government has recently cut taxes on the financial sector. At the same time British politicians of all stripes are in effect saying that normal people have to pay for the crisis through lower wages, unemployment and deep cut-backs in public services. The lack of action from politicians to reform Britain’s financial sector has also been striking. Why has the financial system not been made safe? And why are politicians making the public bear the cost of the crisis caused by the banks? This film goes some way to answering these questions – by looking at how the banks nature and feed the imagination of our politicians by telling them stories. It shows how the big shots from the City – the financial capital of London and perhaps the world – are in bed with politicians filling their heads with half truths and their pockets with money in return for favors.

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  • director
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