Stories Are in Our Bones

Stories Are in Our Bones

                                Stories Are in Our Bones
| 11 min

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In this layered short film, filmmaker Janine Windolph takes her young sons fishing with their kokum (grandmother), a residential school survivor who retains a deep knowledge and memory of the land. The act of reconnecting with their homeland is a cultural and familial healing journey for the boys, who are growing up in the city. It’s also a powerful form of resistance for the women.

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  • writer
    Janine Windolph
  • director
    Janine Windolph
  • participation
    Bruce McKenzie
    Marian Otter
    Corwyn Windolph-Turtle
    Dawlari Windolph
  • associate producer
    Coty Savard
  • producer
    Jon Montes
  • executive producer
    David Christensen
  • director of photography
    Patrick McLaughlin
  • editing
    Conor McNally
  • sound design
    Anita Lubosch
  • music
    Anita Lubosch
  • location sound recording
    Tim Bender
  • additional cinematography
    Candy Fox
  • cultural awareness training
    Marian Otter
  • guide
    Jim Searson
    Bruce McKenzie
  • narration sound recording
    Dmitri Bandet
  • assistant editing
    Marc Greene
  • transcription
    Lori Heath
  • technical coordinator
    Luc Binette
  • titles
    Mélanie Bouchard
  • online editing
    Tony Wytinck
  • recording
    Bruce Little
  • re-recording
    Bruce Little
  • studio operations manager
    Darin Clausen
  • administrator
    Bree Beach
    Devon Supeene
  • production coordinator
    April Dunsmore
    Faye Yoneda
  • production supervisor
    Esther Viragh
  • marketing manager
    Leslie Stafford
  • legal counsel
    Christian Pitchen
  • executive director
    Michelle van Beusekom