Sentenced to Life

Sentenced to Life

| 1 h 10 min

This feature documentary tells the story of Diane Charron, a young woman who began a life sentence behind bars in 1981 when she was entangled in a friend's act of revenge and ended up stabbing a stranger to death. She had just turned 19. The film follows the story of Diane's life, from her own testimony and that of corrections officers, prison caseworkers and psychiatrists. Many show remarkable sympathy and affection for a troubled woman whose early life was marked by abuse. Sentenced to life is a strong film that raises difficult questions about prisoners with mental health problems.

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  • director
    Marie Cadieux
  • producer
    Jacques Turgeon
    Jacques Ménard
  • participation
    Diane Charron
  • research
    Marie Cadieux
  • script
    Marie Cadieux
  • participation
    Geneviève Ruest
    Claudine Savoie
    Dolorès Pichette
    René Forgues
    Louise Charrette
    Jeannine Petit
    Patzi Davidson
    Lori McDonald
    Kim Pate
    Gilles Chamberland
    Michel Darveau
    Liliane Aflalo
    Ginette Lafontaine
    Linda Tassé
    Marie-Claude Pouliot
    Marie-Sylvie Turgeon
    Diane Nadeau
    Diane Beaudoin
    Marilou Dufour
    Marie-Andrée Cyrenne
    Alexandre Nicole
    Denis Garceau
    Daniel Simard
    Marc-André Surprenant
    Georges Jaradeh
    Amélie Cornellier
    Yves Goulet
    Maude Borris
  • director of photography
    François Vincelette
  • sound recordist
    Esther Auger
  • sound editor
    Esther Auger
  • editor
    Louise Dugal
  • music composer
    Gaëtan Leboeuf
  • voice
    Virginie Dulude Trudel
  • narration
    Susan Glover
  • mixer
    Serge Boivin
    Shelley Craig