Mysteries in the Archives: 1969 Live from the Moon

Mysteries in the Archives: 1969 Live from the Moon

| 26 min

On July 22, 1969, man walked on the moon for the first time. About 600 million people watched it live on television. In an incessant battle of technology and political nerve with the Soviets, media coverage of the Apollo 11 mission – including Neil Armstrong’s first steps – was closely prepared, orchestrated and produced by NASA from some 360,000 kilometres away. Who, for example, was filming as we watched Armstrong climb down the ladder and step off onto the moon’s surface? 

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  • idea
    Serge Viallet
    Cédric Lépée
  • series director
    Serge Viallet
  • director
    Alexandre Auque
  • editor
    Vanessa Bozza
  • assistant editor
    Clarisse Gilbert
  • graphic design
    Stéphanie Mée
  • scientific consultant
    Jacques Villain
  • historical research
    Cedric Gruat
  • musical illustration
    Niels Poux
  • image masking
    Alexandre Auque
  • dressing conception
    Alexandre Auque
  • credit sequence design
    Philippe Truffault
  • credit sequence production
    Philippe Truffault
  • credit sequence editor
    François Labat
  • colour correction
    Rémi Berge
  • translator
    Dana Burns Westberg
  • narrator
    Dana Burns Westberg
  • documentary research
    Marie Bessi
    Serge Viallet
    Michael Dolan
  • sound design
    Laurent Thomas
    Jean-François Gasnier
  • mix
    Laurent Thomas
    Jean-François Gasnier
  • post-production manager
    Rita Lourdemarianadin
  • post-production technician
    Daniel Ricard
  • broadcast mastering
    Vincent Legrain
  • video transfer
    Eric Queille
    Marc Grandhomme
  • production manager
    Thierry Ippolito
  • production assistant
    Vincent Encontre
    Armelle Jayet
  • administrator
    Françoise Tsitsichvili
    Yasmine Boucherat
  • commissioning editor
    Elisabeth Hulten
  • producer
    Florence Fanelli