Miracle Planet - Survival of the Fittest

Miracle Planet - Survival of the Fittest

Our image of the planet Earth is often one of a tender, protective matriarch. Recent scientific findings have led us to revise this notion. "Mother Earth," it seems, has not been such a fond protector, but quite the opposite.

In fact, in its more than 4-billion-year history, our planet has been home to repeated violent climactic changes, which have caused mass extinctions. And yet, these same catastrophes also helped bring about the evolution of life on earth from the simplest microbes to the complexity and diversity that is found on the planet today.

Featuring location footage, interviews with the world's foremost scientists and cutting-edge computer technology, Miracle Planet is a five-part series that recounts the profound and gripping story of Earth's mysterious evolution. Narrated by Christopher Plummer, it also reveals the surprising role that sheer chance has played in the development of life.

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  • narrator
    Christopher Plummer
  • conceptor
    Jeremy Hogarth
  • editor
    José Heppell
  • music
    Daniel Toussaint
  • sound design
    Daniel Toussaint
  • sound editor
    Mira Mailhot
    Jean-François Sauvé
  • re-recording
    Luc Léger
  • titles
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • online editor
    Denis Pilon
  • post-production co-ordinator
    Jean-Pierre St-Michel
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    Maryse Chapdelaine
  • administrator - assistant
    Isabelle de Bellefeuille
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    Brigitte Couture
  • producer
    Wally Longul
    Joanne Carrière
  • camera
    Mitsutaka Handa
    Fumihiko Saito
    Toshihiro Muta
    Tomonori Ando
    Tsutomu Shimizu
  • lighting
    Tatsuo Ebisu
    Shigeo Harada
    Alex Endo
  • sound
    Naotaka Doi
    Kiyotaka Takahashi
  • miniature set
    Yoshihide Okada
    Shinji Yabe
  • visual design
    Mamoru Nei
    Masao Ozawa
    Hirofumi Kurata
  • computer graphics
    Yoshikatsu Date
    Katsuichi Kimura
    Kazuya Takabatake
    Takashi Nishida
    Kazuhisa Watanabe
    Makiko Sugiura
    Kenichi Koyama
    Hidenori Saito
    Akinori Kato
  • visual effects
    Kazuya Fujino
    Keita Kataoka
    Yuji Miyasaka
  • coordinator
    Maki Ichikawa
    Alex Kent
    Xenia Naka
    Marcia Young
    Yumi Masamoto
    Akira Miyazaki
    Hatem Salah
    Emma Tanimura
    Airi Yamawaki
    Riwa Komatsubara
    Kazuhiro Ishikawa
    Hiroko Haruta
  • research
    Shiho Sakamoto
    Yuko Tahara
  • director
    Masatoshi Kaneko
    Keizo Izuta
    Hideki Tazuke
  • sfx director
    Keizo Izuta
  • executive producer
    Éric Michel
    Daisuke Takama
    Yuichi Suwa