Memento Mori

Memento Mori

| 1 h 29 min

With remarkable access to Canada’s busiest organ-transplant hospital, this documentary brings viewers face-to-face with stories of life and death, and the impossible decisions that tragedy demands. From the very beginning to the final frame, filmmaker Niobe Thompson grips viewers in a relentless, emotional embrace and propels them from moments of unexpected joy to unbearable heartbreak.

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  • director
    Niobe Thompson
  • executive producer
    Rosie Dransfeld
    David Christensen
  • producer
    Rosie Dransfeld
    Bonnie Thompson
  • director of photography
    Aaron Munson
    Sergio Olivares
  • editor
    Scott Parker
  • writer
    Niobe Thompson
  • composer
    Jonathan Kawchuk
  • assistant editor
    Esther Viragh
  • additional camera work
    Daron Donahue
    Tamarra Canu
  • production manager
    Sandra Tober
  • production coordinator
    Esther Viragh
  • production assistant
    Tamarra Canu
    Dylan Rhys Howard
    Myles Belland
  • location sound recording
    Philip Dransfeld
    Carey Opper
  • audio post production
    Johnny Blerot Sound Inc.
  • sound design
    John Blerot
  • sound mix
    John Blerot
  • additional sound design
    Jonathan Kawchuk
  • sound editor
    John Blerot
    Perry Blackman
    Iain Pattison
    Jordan Ivey
    Chris Szott
  • musician
    Christine Hanson
    Keri Zwicker
    Jennifer McMillan
    Neda Yamach
    Rafael Hoekman
    Dianne New
    Andrew Reid
    Clayton Leung
    Josh Rapanos
  • colour grading
    Joe Owens
  • online masters
    Joe Owens
  • graphics
    Scott Portingale
  • production accountant
    Richard Warburton
  • production bookkeeper
    Hui Min
  • production solicitor
    Norman Bishop
  • visual research
    Gina Cali
  • production stills
    Tamarra Canu
  • marketing manager
    Melissa Wheeler
  • post-production co-ordinator
    Ginette D'Silva
    Jasmine Pullukatt
    Faye Yoneda
  • production supervisor
    Mark Power
    Esther Viragh
  • centre administrator
    Bree Beach
  • centre operations manager
    Darin Clausen
  • executive director
    Michelle van Beusekom
    Jennifer Dettman
  • director of production
    Alexandra Lane
  • director of finance
    Julie Lawlor
  • production executive
    Bruce Cowley