Ludovic - Zoom

Ludovic - Zoom

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Finally, Ludovic and his dad will finish building his racecar today! But an emergency repair means Dad won’t have time for the racecar. Ludovic decides to finish it on his own. But when George and Violet come by and see what he’s doing, they want to make racecars too. Now it’s a race to see who will finish first, and they don’t take the time to do the work properly. And then they race to see whose racecar is the fastest. But will all of this racing lead to a disastrous crash? In the end, they string the remnants of the racecars and make a nice train. Tchoo-tchoo!

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  • script
    Gerard Lewis
  • principal director
    Co Hoedeman
  • director
    Stéfan Leblanc
  • producer
    Louise Richard
    Jan Bonath
    Paul Mathot
    Julie Roy
  • executive producer
    Vivianne Morin
    Jan Bonath
    Peter Mansfelt
    René Chénier