Gulîstan, Land of Roses

Gulîstan, Land of Roses

                                Gulîstan, Land of Roses
| 1 h 26 min
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This documentary travels deep into the mountains and deserts of Kurdistan, where armed female guerillas from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) defend Kurdish territory against ISIS. These women share their most intimate thoughts with filmmaker Zaynê Akyol, resulting in an immersive audience experience. By offering a window into this largely unknown world, the film exposes the hidden feminist face of a revolutionary group united by a common vision of freedom.

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  • sound design
    Olivier Calvert
  • music composer
    Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • participation
    Sozdar Cudî
    Rojen Bêrîtan
    Nupelda Herekol
    Silan Doxan
    Sozdar Cemal
    Avasin Silan
    Devrim Ciziri
    Evindar Delila
    Edessa Amara
    Zozan Botan
    Beritan Derik
    Azer Pepule
    Adar Ararat
    Bercem Amed
    Ronak Gever
    Erivan Mako
    Ahmet Rubar
    Feride Alkan
    Roza Sila Nuda
    Nujin Derik
    Binevs Batman
    Duran Kalkan
    Cuma Biliki
    Rubar Teyi
    Medya Huner
    Viyan Dilara
    Dayan Efrin
    Tavin Tekosin
    Beritan Urfa
    Berivan Sarya
    Serbest Zagros
    Berivan Dersim
    Axin Kici
    Hevidar Devrim
    Nuda Xemgin
    Tirej Serhed
    Berivan Efrin
    Simal Dilsoz
    Delil Cudi
    Kendal Amanos
    Xelil Gever
    Simko Sorkew
    Dilbirin Gewer
    Herekol Kici
  • writer
    Zaynê Akyol
  • director
    Zaynê Akyol
  • executive producer
    Yanick Létourneau
    Colette Loumède
    Mehmet Aktas
  • producer
    Sarah Mannering
    Fanny Drew
    Yanick Létourneau
    Mehmet Aktas
    Nathalie Cloutier
    Denis McCready
  • director of photography
    Étienne Roussy
  • editor
    Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
  • soundman
    Vincent Laroche-Gagnon
    Adel Ton

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