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| 29 min

This short documentary from the Perspective television series examines the dangerous practices that can cause tragic and costly fires. The film follows Inspector Joe Fletcher as he investigates fires that have happened, are happening, or could happen. It shows how frequently fires are actually crimes of carelessness, which, if prevented, could have saved life and property.

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  • director
    Thomas Farley
  • producer
    Julian Biggs
  • script
    George Salverson
  • photography
    Donald Wilder
  • sound
    Claude Pelletier
  • editing
    Donald Ginsberg
  • sound editing
    Kathleen Shannon

  • None

    I worked as a fire protection engineer in the 1970's. No, we did not slap people (though we were tempted sometimes). One used a positive, teaching approach, not lecturing as the captain did in the film. Did you notice he was played by John Vernon, who (later) played Dean Wormer in 'Animal House'?

    None, 14 Oct 2019
  • sixam

    Was it really proper to slap distraught women back then?

    sixam, 24 Aug 2016