Geometry on the Move: Playing with Shapes and Forms

Geometry on the Move: Playing with Shapes and Forms

| 30 min

This collection of toe-tapping, eye-catching animated shorts is sure to engage students at the elementary level and enrich their exploration of a variety of mathematical concepts, from simple to complex: point, line, shape, form, angles, transition, rotation and more! Quilt: an abstract animated film using computer and experimental techniques to choreograph quilt motifs and designs to original music. A tribute to the unique and long-established art of patchwork quilting (7 min). A Matter of Form: Lines and shapes grow out of a point to create a multiplicity of configurations. Geometric wizardry at its colourful best (3 min). Spheres: explores the relationship between shapes and geometric solids as luminous hues and movement change circles into spheres and back again. The dancing balls explore the concepts of balance, symmetry and multiplication (7 min). Notes on a Triangle: A triangle splits and rotates into a variety of smaller rectangles, squares and diamonds in a playful symmetrical movement (5 min). Rectangle & Rectangles: A rectangle pulsates to an insistent drumbeat in this exploration of shape, colour and time. Warning: Viewing this film may trigger epileptic seizures (8 min). Without words.

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