Foodies - The Culinary Jetset

Foodies - The Culinary Jetset

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The interest in haute cuisine has grown exponentially. Now, we enter the world of the most influential people on the food scene - the foodie. A subculture of blogging food critics with a mission to eat at the best restaurants on earth. Through our close study, we get access to the world's most exclusive restaurants and get to know a group of slightly bizarre but charming food maniacs. The film explores the growing worldwide phenomena of the titular ‘foodies,’ passionate, food loving, blog-writing, globe-trotting culinary jet-setters. The film follows the dining elite across the world.

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  • director
    Thomas Jackson
    Charlotte Landelius
    Henrik Stockare
  • producer
    Patrik Andersson
    Fredrik Heinig
    Cecilia Nessen
    Mattias Nohrborg

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