Family Motel

Family Motel

| 1 h 28 min

This feature film tells the story of a Somali refugee who confronts the unexpected when she and her teenage daughters are evicted from their apartment for arrears in rent. Even working two jobs as a cleaner, headstrong and determined Ayan finds it tough to scrape by in Canada, let alone send money to her anxious husband and two sons in East Africa. In the midst of a severe housing shortage. Ayan and her daughters are exiled to the city's tattered hinterland among other homeless families and unsettled souls. Through community-based storytelling and a trio of remarkable performances, Family Motel charts one family's confrontation with life on the edge as they fall through the cracks in a land of plenty.

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  • director
    Helene Klodawsky
  • producer
    Ina Fichman
    Ravida Din
  • executive producer
    Sally Bochner
    Ravida Din
    Ina Fichman
  • director of photography
    German Gutierrez
  • editor
    Tony Asimakopoulos
  • original music
    Bertrand Chénier
  • art director
    Colleen Marchand
  • cast
    Asha Jibril
    Sagal Jibril
    Zainab Saleh
    Abdirizak M. Gabanow
    Ilwad Abdulwali
    Yassin Abdulwali
    Lou Malouf
    Becky Dudley
    R. Fern Goldman
    Luke Andrades
    Peter Williams
    Lauren Aldwinckle
    Imad Ghadie
    David Reynolds
    Lawanda Willar
    V. Wallace Kuzmicz
    Robert Simpson
    Brian Cameron
    Sanjay Mohanta
    Barbara Gray
    Sue Pihlainen
    John P. Kelly
    Derek Mackinnon
    Peter Adamakos
    Jessica Rochon
    Zakarea Ali
    Jerome Xavier
    Laura Boots
    Lise Frappier
    Nicholas Patterson
    Ilwad Hasassan
    Yasin Hasassan
    Gwen Shea
    Debby Drake
    Tia Belle Isle
    Ladislav Matjasko
  • sound recordist
    Esther Auger
  • research
    Helene Klodawsky
  • researcher
    Hodan Shafici Mohamed
    Dominique Parent
    Mara Ravins
  • archival research
    Terri Foxman
    Katarina Soukup
  • consultant
    Valérie Beaugrand-Champagne
    David Wilson
    Bruce Smith
    Fran Klodawsky
  • technical director
    Jérôme Corbeil
    Simon Cliche
    Christophe Lygrisse
  • sound designer
    Louis Dupire
  • foley
    Alexis Farand
  • sound mixer
    Jean Paul Vialard
    Serge Boivin

  • samatar35

    very good flim

    samatar35, 31 Jan 2015