Eye Witness No. 79

Eye Witness No. 79

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1955 | 11 min

Ferries, Tankers, Frigates - "Made in Canada": Craftsmen of Lauzon, Québec, carry on their forefathers' shipbuilding skills. Caviar Comes from Canada's Queerest Fish: Much in demand for export markets, sturgeon provide a profitable business for fishermen of the upper Ottawa River and for Mrs. Harry Donaldson of Temiscaming, who processes caviar. New Aircraft Joins Maritime Command: The Royal Canadian Air Force tests and approves the electronically equipped Neptune, the new medium-range aircraft of the Maritime Air Command.

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  • director
    Walter A. Sutton
    Grant Crabtree
    Hector Lemieux
  • camera
    Walter A. Sutton
    Grant Crabtree
    Hector Lemieux
  • producer
    Peter Jones
  • executive producer
    Nicholas Balla
  • sound
    George Croll
  • editing
    Marion Meadows
  • sound editing
    Clarke Daprato