Disunited States of Canada

Disunited States of Canada

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You think Quebeckers are the only Canadians who aspire to independence? Wrong. There are separatists all over the country, from sea to sea.

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  • director
    Michel Barbeau
    Guylaine Maroist
    Éric Ruel
  • producer
    Guylaine Maroist
    Éric Ruel

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  • analogdino

    Given the history of Quebec's demands and sense of entitlement, I am not surprised at this reaction from The West. Quebec should either pay it's way or leave Confederation. I lived in Montreal for 29 years... in 1999 we took the "freedom train" (route 401 actually to Ontario... 23 years too late, of course!

    analogdino, 28 Jan 2016
  • Nykol

    Si vous détestez autant le Québec, aidé nous à nous séparé du Canada. Faites des pétitions en grand nombres que vous pouvez envoyer à Ottawa.

    Nykol, 10 Jan 2016