Discussions in Bioethics: The Courage of One's Convictions

Discussions in Bioethics: The Courage of One's Convictions

| 15 min

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In this short film, a 17-year-old girl refuses medical treatment that will prolong her life due to religious convictions. Her decision remains firm despite the pleas of her physician, who begins to question who has the right to determine a person's life or death.

This short film is one of a series of short, open-ended dramas designed to stimulate discussion of values and ethics in relation to modern technology.

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  • director
    Gil Cardinal
  • producer
    Wolf Koenig
  • executive producer
    Andy Thomson
  • script
    Kelly Rebar
  • camera
    Zoe Dirse
  • sound
    Richard Besse
  • editing
    Ian Rankin
  • sound editing
    Wojtek Klis
  • re-recording
    Hans Peter Strobl
  • cast
    Susan Bain
    Wendy Dawson
    Gavin Patrick
    Tom Rack
    Doug Smith