The Cat in the Bag

The Cat in the Bag

                                The Cat in the Bag
| 1 h 14 min

The Cat in the Bag depicts the conflict between a young Quebecois couple whose existential angst serves as both backdrop and symbol of Quebecois society. The film addresses Quebeckers’ political coming-of-age, as viewed by a filmmaker enamoured with concepts of the ideal and the absolute. The soundtrack features compositions by jazz legend John Coltrane.

Soundtrack album, John's Coltrane's Blue World, available from Impulse! / Universal Music Enterprises.

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  • director
    Gilles Groulx
  • script
    Gilles Groulx
  • editing
    Gilles Groulx
  • producer
    Jacques Bobet
  • photography
    Jean-Claude Labrecque
  • sound
    Marcel Carrière
  • sound editing
    Marguerite Payette
    Sidney Pearson
  • re-recording
    Roger Lamoureux
    Marcel Carrière
  • cast
    Jean-Paul Bernier
    Manon Blain
    Claude Godbout
    Paul-Marie Lapointe
    André Leblanc
    Pierre Maheu
    Barbara Ulrich
    Jean-V. Dufresne
    Véronique Vilbert

  • None

    Wonderful music by John Coltrane Quartet. Loved seeing downtown Montreal in 1964 and the countryside later on in the movie.

    None, 16 Aug 2019
  • shomingeki

    Finally after watching Le Chat dans le Sac, I understand why this film has just a legendary reputation and why it is one of the most influential film in Quebec.

    shomingeki, 30 Nov 2016