Canada Remembers Part One: Turning the Tide

Canada Remembers Part One: Turning the Tide

Part one of a 3-part series, Canada Remembers, Turning the Tide documents the years between the outbreak of WWII in September 1939 and June 1944. A compilation of modern day interviews interspersed with photographs and footage from the war, this documentary covers landmark events such as the Battle of Britain, the raid on Dieppe, the landing in Sicily and the battle for Ortona. It focuses on both the Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen who fought in the war and the women who became part of the war effort, either by enlisting or by going to work in the factories and shipyards.

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  • drlkov

    Thank you to all the men and women who helped ensure our freedom for a little while longer. Thanks to all those currently doing the same, we will need you again soon, but at home this time, more than you can possibly yet know.

    drlkov, 30 Aug 2010