| 25 min

This is a fiction film about two people and a salamander. The car they are travelling in collapses unceremoniously on the road to Montréal. Finding a mechanic in the quiet countryside is never easy, but here the problem is compounded by linguistic misunderstandings. Eventually the car runs again, but one of the passengers refuses to run along.

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  • director
    Peter Thurling
  • producer
    Vladimir Valenta
  • executive producer
    Roman Kroitor
  • script
    Douglas Bowie
  • photography
    David De Volpi
  • sound
    Jacques Chevigny
  • editing
    John Kramer
  • sound editing
    André Galbrand
  • music
    J.J. Cale
  • cast
    Mary Ann McDonald
    Jean Leclerc
    Paul-Émile Frappier