Black Coffee: Part One, The Irresistible Bean

Black Coffee: Part One, The Irresistible Bean

| 57 min

Part One, The Irresistible Bean, carries us back to coffee's origins in Ethiopia and its triumphant spread over five continents, sparking revolution, controversy, creativity, business and slavery all along the way.  We see the first coffee house traditions which begin on dirt floors and evolve into more refined Arabic home versions. Venetian latté develops a cachet that is the model for Western coffee-marketing -- 450 years later. The French cast off the monarchy, Americans toss their tea into Boston harbor, Haitian plantation slaves rebel, all under the heady aroma of the bean.

This film contains scenes of nudity and/or sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • writer
    Irene Angelico
  • director
    Irene Angelico
  • producer
    Ina Fichman
  • editor
    Alfonso Peccia
  • director of photography
    Marc Gadourie
    German Gutierrez
  • original music
  • co-producer
    Richard Elson
  • narrator
    Helen King
  • consultant to the director
    Mark Pendergrast
  • sound engineer
    Diane Carrière
    Arnaud Derimay
    Philippe Mercier
    Erik Reisner
    Saul Rouda
  • researcher
    Celina Bell
    Holly Dressel
    Nicola Bridge
    Terri Foxman
    Shelley Tepperman
  • archival researcher
    Nancy Marcotte
  • story consultant
    Jon Kalina
  • participant
    Ian Bersten
    Edward Bramah
    Renato Costantini
    Ernesto Illy
    Francesca Lavena
    Haile Gebre Lube
    Haji Hussen Mohamad
    Adile Paksi
    Gorlulu Ali Pasa
    Mark Pendergrast
    Antony Rowley
    Edith Sorel
    Bennett Weinberg
  • sound designer
    Louis Dupire
  • foley artist
    Alexis Farand
  • re-recording mixer
    Geoffrey Mitchell