Dennis Allen
2013 | 56 min
This feature-length documentary from Inuvialuit filmmaker Dennis Allen is an emotional and revealing exploration of addiction among Indigenous people in Canada.

After years of struggle and shame, 5 Indigenous Canadians bravely come forward with their stories of substance abuse, presenting the sensitive topic of alcoholism in an honest and forthright manner. Alex, Paula, Desirae, Stephen, and Dennis himself maintain a deep and devoted commitment to their traditional culture to achieve long-term sobriety. Through their voices, this insightful doc offers an inspirational beacon of hope for others.

Awards and distinctions

  • Rigoberta Menchu 2nd prize
    First Peoples' Festival ( Land InSights ), Montréal
  • Honourable Mention for The Colin Low Award for Canadian Documentary
    Doxa - Documentary Film and Video Festival, Vancouver
  • Audience Choice Award for Best Canadian Documentary
    Available Light Film Festival, Whitehorse